Monday, February 4, 2013

Catching Up

I can't believe it's been since September since I last posted. I had every intention of coming back sooner with fun things that were happening. This being my first year with both kids in school all day I had visions of posting regularly, but I guess once again, life got in the way. And I'm OK with that.

Let's see, what has happened since I last tried to convince everyone that I was still here?

  • I am still selling at Funky Town in Chaska. Next time I go in I'll try to remember to take pictures. The space is so cute with one whole wall of built ins that each Contributor fills with their handmade wares. Lots of talent there!
  • I started selling at Meshed Designs in Buffalo. This has been so much fun and there is a great group of really talented people there, too. They recently started doing Monthly Themes and that has been a lot of fun to plan what to make that fits in that theme. I'll be back soon sharing their post for February that highlighted some items that I contributed.
  • In October, I celebrated my 10 year anniversary with my husband. His gift to me? A surprise trip to Hawaii. Yes, a surprise. I found out 7 days before we were leaving which gave me just enough time to write out the kids schedules for my wonderful in-laws that watched them while we were gone. The first day was hard to relax since I kept waiting for my children to ask me to get them something or do something for them. But I eventually eased in to it and it was so awesome to be able to just spend that time with my husband.
  • In November, I was fortunate to meet someone whose blog I've been following for quite some time. I knew she was local, but the day I saw her at my much frequented Target I just about passed out. I was so star struck that I couldn't even speak. I kept telling my daughter about her and when we got to the car she said, "Mom, why don't you just go talk to her?" So simple, right? Well, I didn't listen and I just kept thinking about it for weeks until I finally worked up the courage to e-mail her. One thing led to another and we had a date set to meet for coffee. And let me tell you, Angel is just about the sweetest person I have ever met! And her talent for sewing simply amazes me! She makes some of the cutest little girl outfits you could imagine. And her TaDollies are adorable.

Soon after was Thanksgiving. And once Thanksgiving hits... it's a whirlwind until January 1st. We had a great Christmas holiday and spent lots of time with family. Then when school started up again it was time to get back sewing and stocking the Boutiques.

OK, I think we are all caught up for now. I'll try not to stay away for so long next time!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm still here!

I know it's been forever since I've posted here, but things have been happening! Very exciting things! I'll post soon with a full update.

In the meantime, I wanted to let those of you who found your way here through Southwest Metro magazine know that in addition to finding me on Etsy, you can also find me at a new, local Art Boutique in Chaska. It is called Funky Town and is located at 210 North Chestnut Street. The store hours are Wednesday & Thursday 10am - 6pm and Friday & Saturday 10am - 8pm every week. I hope you'll stop in and check it out!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Favorites - Kumari Garden by Dena Fishbein Fabric

Yes, another week of favorite fabrics! Can you handle it or is it getting old? There are so many awesome fabrics out there to work with these days. There wasn't anything like this when I bought my first sewing machine almost 20 years ago {gulp}.

This is another fat quarter bundle that I got at the same time as the Parisville bundle. This is from the Kumari Garden collection from Dena Fishbein. I see this bundle as being geared more towards my daughter.

Such fun colors and patterns! It was hard to choose just one favorite, so I chose two.

I love the aqua, flowery, swirly print just as much as the butterfly print. These big prints would be great for a pillowcase dress. Or I can see using maybe 4 of the different prints for a layered, ruffle twirly skirt, too. Better start searching for some patterns or tutorials - sounds like a good feature for Made It Monday!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Made It Monday - No Sew Skirt

The project I completed this week was super, super easy. All I needed was a dress that was too small for Bear and a pair of scissors. Here is the dress that was too small.

Not the best picture, but it will have to do {again with the wood, dark house, blah blah blah}. The dress had an empire waist so there was plenty of skirt left that would work. I liked the smocking on it and figured that would work well for the waistband and was trying to figure out how to cut it and hem it when I realized {DUH} it's jersey knit material! It will not fray so all I have to do is cut the top off and voila - a new skirt, no sewing necessary.

I love it when I can upcycle something from Bear's wardrobe to extend the life of her clothing, especially when it is something as easy as this. And of course she wanted to model it, so here she is.

Don't you love how she is posing? And I love the irony of a girly girl princess that loves to wear skirts - tomboy bruises and all.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Favorites - Parisville by Tula Pink Fabric

More fabric up this week! I needed a little retail therapy and recently spotted a new fabric store in town that had just what I needed. This was a great surprise to find since the other local quilting store had closed it's doors this past winter. I found a great fat quarter bundle that caught my eye with some Parisville by Tula Pink and a random Alexander Henry print thrown in for good measure.

Aren't the colors just beautiful? And here is my favorite print of the bundle.

I think it would be great for a summer shirt if I could find the right pattern. Although a fat quarter isn't going to get me too far so I'll have to go back for more!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Made It Monday - Rainbow Mug Rug

For Mother's Day I decided to make my Mom a Mug Rug following the tutorial over at Knitty Bitties. I had Bear help me pick out the fabrics and she thought a rainbow would be fun. So we patchworked together a rainbow to the dimensions of the finished top, but I somehow was a little off and the red and violet don't seem to be as equal as the other colors. Oh well, isn't that sometimes the best part of handmade - that it isn't perfect? I am slowly trying to adopt this new philosophy that imperfectly handmade items have much more character.

The tutorial was really easy to follow and I love the cheater binding method that she followed from Made by Rae. I made another one for my Mother-in-Law using a patchwork top, coordinating back and a bias binding that I wasn't as happy with. Although considering it was my first time doing it that way, it still turned out OK, but I forgot to get a picture.

See you next week!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Favorites - Hooty Hoot by Riley Blake Designs Fabric

Up this week is another favorite fabric that I recently got for some product to put in my Etsy shop. This one came from, another online fabric source that I frequent often. I love the mix of browns, blues and greens.

Aren't owls just the cutest? And what about the selvage? I'm not sure if everyone likes the selvage on the fabric, but I certainly do.

I've seen different projects made with just the selvage from the fabric and thing they are so clever. But I don't think I have the patience to cut, collect and sew together all those tiny strips so I will just continue to admire them as they are.

See you next week!
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